Studies - Degree in Contemporary Dance from the Contemporary Dance Faculty in the University of Veracruzana.
Bar and floor courses and classes, Graham technique, Ballet, African contemporary dance, joga, jazz and contemporary techniques, latin dances: like samba, reggaeton, salsa, merengue.

Professional Experience
One of the first important participations was in the June 2002 Music Festival in the home of the Spanish Royal Family “Luisa Fernanda” and in the finale of the same performance.I was also involved with the following groups: “Contemporary Dance Modulo”·, “Veradanza” and “Scenic practices of the U.V.”I was acknowledged as a ballerina in the first, fourth, fifth and sixth Veracruzana Festival for Contemporary Dance with the “Guillermina Bravo” prize, as well as in the Cervantino Festival in Chiapas and in “La Ceiba” Festival in Tabasco.I was invited to work with the group “Módulo”, offering a season of three functions in the CNA in the Raúl Flores Canelo Theatre, with the choreographer “Esperas”. I was also invited to dance with the group Módulo for the celebration activities of the International Day of Dance at the Francisco Javier Clavijero Theatre.In 2004, I obtained a scholarship granted by the FECA with the group “Módulo Danza contemporánea”In February 2005, I presented my grade six ballet performance at the Royal Academy of Dance, obtaining a distinction.In September 2005, I began working with the company “Ballet Independiente de México” directed by Magnolia Flores and José Rivera. With this company I had taken part in important tours around the Mexican Republic, finishing the year with a season in Mexico City’s Dance Theatre.

I 2006 I moved to Poland and I started to dance with the group “Axe Samba Bahia Show”. After I was invited to dance with Mateusz Polit in a small proyect, also I was dancing with Dariusz Lewandowski.In 2007 I start to dance with Joussef Trabelsi in new group call “Afrocarnaval”, with whom I have actually been working. With this group I performed in many important places, like with Janusz Josefowicz and Buffo Theater and in T.V. programas like “Kawa czy herbata?”, “Jaka to melodia?”, “Szymon Majewski Show” .Also in 2007 I started an own group of reegeton, call “Labios de Fuego”In 2008 I sarted to dance with the group “As Belezas do Brasil”